Clubs & Bars

Cocomangas Shooter Bar is definitely one of the most popular drinking establishments in Boracay. It is known for the special drinking challenge called ‘Still Standing After 15,’ where participants are asked to consume a total 15 shots of assorted alcoholic beverages
Summer Place is a nightclub with an interesting native theme. This is a favorite hangout amongst locals, expats and tourists, especially those who are looking for the ultimate night out experience. The mood is festive, which makes it a very nice place to party with friends and family.
Amber Ultralounge is a bar/lounge that offers a classy yet relaxed atmosphere appealing to the hip cosmopolitan crowd. Impeccably stylish and spacious interiors that sprawl 4000 sq.ft with two floors offering its own distinctive style.
VUDU is one of the most sought-after clubs in Cebu. The place is not only popular to the people of Cebu but to people of Manila as well. The place aims to be the premiere nightspot in the are with its ambitious interiors and all out entertainment.
Kyss Restaurant and Lounge Bar, the newest gem to open and join in the metro’s ever growing culinary and nightlife industry. Kyss’s concept was influenced by the owner’s constant international travel and exposure to cool casual dining and innovative ideas.
Established in 1973, The Hobbit House is unique bar to visit because the whole place is staffed and managed by midgets. They have become a tourist attractions as well because of their unique concept. The Hobbit House serves a variety of drink such as local and international beers.
Hey! Jude Bar is located in the country's most visited beach destination, Boracay Island. They offer a cozy atmosphere where you can share drinks on the sand and feel the cool breeze by the beach. Aside from their drinks, they also serve the best pizzas in the island.
The Library is an established comedy bar and club that has been around for over 21 years. They have produced the country's well-known comedy performers and they continue to discover new talents. If you love music, comedy, and clean fun, the The Library is the place for you.
SaGuijo is place to go when you want to hear alternative Filipino music and live bands. The bar's main goal is to provide a perfect venue to all rock music lovers. They showcase not only the popular bands in Manila, but also the independent and unsigned bands.
7TH HIGH is a high-end club located in Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Taguig. The have three areas designed for your specific needs. They also boast of their wide variety of drinks and high-quality service.
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