Cocomangas Shooter Bar

Cocomangas Shooter Bar is known all throughout Boracay for hosting one of the liveliest and wildest parties in Boracay. This bar is known for its friendly and inviting atmosphere where guests will not hesitate to go inside and mingle, socialize and dance the night away. It draws a huge portion of Boracay‚Äôs party crowd because of the things it has to offer. Cocomangas Shooter Bar is located at Boat Station 1 near DMall and other dining spots.



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Cocomangas Shooter Bar is popular because of the fine selection of drinks and the funky names attached to them. For instance, the Screaming Orgasm is a popular drink, which is a mixture of Kahlua, amaretto and Baileys. Other specialty drinks include the Test Tube Baby, a mixture of vodka and amaretto and dropped with cream and the Canadian Praire Fire, which is tequila, drizzled with Tabasco sauce. The selection of music at the Cocomangas Shooter Bar is hip hop and familiar pop music.


still standing after 15

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One of the most popular happenings at Cocomangas Shooter Bar is the Still Standing after 15, a drinking contest entered upon by almost every hard drinker in Boracay. This wildly famous event happens almost every night where guests are invited to join the challenge. Participants get to drink fifteen shots of their signature drinks, including the ones that were mentioned. Winners are rewarded with the much-coveted t-shirt and a stick mark to add to their country. Cocomangas Shooter Bar keeps a lively, up-to-date count of the countries that have joined and won. If you want to find out the leading country, then we suggest that you head to the bar and figure out for your own.