KYSS is a modern take on the word kiss. At KYSS, they always like to impart on their guests that lasting impression that becomes a fond memory they would always go back to. Just like your first kiss, their aim is to leave that tingling, curious, and memorable sensation that would leave guests wanting more. KYSS’s intimate and opulent interiors allows for guests to experience that unique experience of having everything from starting an evening with a wonderful supper at the Progressive Asian Fusion restaurant and then carrying on with the evening at the second floor lounge.



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The design philosophy of KYSS is derived from the accumulated travel and social experiences and exposure of the whole team to various establishments from all parts of the world as well as focusing on the use behavior inside of clubs. Differently shaped pavilions juxtaposed against on another coalescing into one whole form mimic the intermingling of crowds during parties. It also indulges its guests to the guilty pleasure of people-watching discreetly. Walls are fashioned with various textures, patterns, and color blocking to create a unique and distinctive backdrop. The essence of the design is to provoke the guests’ senses and all for a comfortable, social, and private environment.



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