Summer Place

Conveniently located along the path of White Beach, Summer Place is one of the coolest bars in Boracay. Operating from early evenings under early mornings all throughout the seven days of the week, the place easily attracts different types of guests including locals, expats, as well as foreign tourists. Likewise, this exclusive bar also plays all sorts of music, ranging from acoustics down to the latest house music. Carrying a nightclub theme, customers can enter the premises anytime they want wearing their favorite beach clothing. With the help of some really nice and loud music, dancing is surely a very fun and entertaining thing to do in this bar.


Summer Place Boracay

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As expected, Summer Place in Boracay offers different kinds of great alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Add to that, it also serves tasty snacks and irresistible appetizers. Furthermore, its lineup of flavor-rich pulutan specialties goes perfectly well with the drinks that it serves regularly such as cocktails, wines, and beers. Within this place, customers do have the power of choice with all these wonderful options available. Some of its most recognizable food offerings include Sushi, which is an authentic Japanese cuisine. Furthermore, people from all parts of the world are guaranteed to appreciate and enjoy the great taste of its special delicacy called Mongolian Barbecue.



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