Casual Dining

Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken is famous for their Portuguese Peri-peri chicken that is crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside.
Kamayan Restaurant is another dining facility in the city, which is very popular for serving mouth-watering Filipino dishes. Inside this ultra fine dining location, people will surely enjoy great-tasting treats available like King Crabs, Lechon de Leche, as well as Kare Kare.
Conti's Bakeshop offer delicious entrees such as their famous baked salmon and grilled porkchops. They are also known for their towering cakes, salads, and pastries.
At the end of the day, there is always a place where we want to relax. TGI Fridays is a cozy place to chill out after a long day in the city with its great ambience, good service and best-tasting food.
Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese restaurant that offers good recipes, dedication and personal commitment to making the best soups for their customers at a reasonable price. Aside from their famous noodle soups, they serve rice meals as well.
The Café Mediterranean brings to its diners a taste of Mediterranean culture through its food selections at affordable prices. Diners can expect a compilation of Italian, Greek, Turkish and Arab dishes in a single menu.
Diners get a taste of a mix of authentic and contemporary Italian dishes at Italianni's Restaurant. This restaurant provides a comfortable environment with its homely atmosphere, and caters to middle and upscale diners.
Café Bola perfectly offers a unique blend of Italian and Filipino cuisines. With a very nice and cozy atmosphere all over the place, this restaurant specializes in meatballs, which are guaranteed to satisfy all the customers out there.
Whistlestop is another famous restaurant in the area that serves great-tasting American as well as Asian cuisines. Since it is open 24 hours a day, people can always come anytime they want and try some of its delectable dishes.
The flagship of the LJC Restaurant Group, Café Adriatico serves a full menu of Spanish-Mediterranean dishes and a variety of light options such as salads, sandwiches, omelettes and fondues.
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