Zoobic Safari

Zoobic, the only tiger safari in the Philippines,  is an easy drive of three hours from Manila through the North Luzon Expressway.  Set in a sprawling 13.60 hectare woodlands of Subic,  Zoobic Safari is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. It is home to different kinds of animals, both endangered and endemic species.


Found in the forests atop the Subic Freeport Zone, guests can also enjoy the park’s amenities, including the Zoobic Lodge at Tiara (Crown Peak). It is a safari-inspired rooms where guests can stay after their adventure at the park.


Zoobic serves as a sanctuary not only to Siberian and Bengal tigers, but also to ostriches, snakes, iguanas, lizards, potbellies, wild boars, guinea fowls and other animals seen roaming freely only the Discovery Channel and other cable show. In Zoobic, one can also have a souvenir photo with a Siberian or Bengal tiger!


There are about 40 tamed tigers in Zoobic. These tigers are crossbreeds of Siberian and Bengal tigers. Zoobic offers a two-hour tour in a safari jeep that enters an enclosed terrain where tigers roam in their natural habitat.  Tourists can experience the tigers prowl and grown at the raw chicken they could dangle before them.


Officia site: www.zoobic.com.ph

Source: zoomanity.com.ph

Teaser photo source: www.zoobic.com.ph