The White Hat

The White Hat was born from the idea that our group wanted to introduce a totally new product into the Philippines. From the very beginning, we wanted to do things the right way. So, we patiently sourced all over the world until we found the best suppliers in Italy for our yogurt. As you may know, the best ice cream comes from Italy. And so does the best yogurt. 


Next, we flew in an Italian Gelato expert to help us develop our recipe because we wanted our product to be authentic. We then held a series of taste tests where we invited friends, food critics, and celebrities who tasted several versions and gave their comments. From these, we finally came up with a perfectly smooth, creamy frozen yogurt with a slight tangy sourness, confirmed to have live active cultures, and authentically Italian. Did we mention that its 98% fat-free? 


the white hat

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But thats not enough, the frozen yogurt must be paired with a selection of premium healthy toppings for it to taste perfect. So, we then made a selection of top quality premium toppings which will be presented to the customers in a 21 topping bar for them to choose from. Toppings include fresh fruit, healthy premium cereals, nuts & crunchies, fun toppings, and the occasional surprise toppings (think homemade!). And since we believe in giving customers value for money, our topping servings are generous. 


To have a consistently good product is a challenge that we are ready to meet. We believe that our authentic Italian frozen yogurt is going to set new standards for everyone. Our product is freshly made every day and tastes soooo good, you won't be able to keep it off your mind. In fact, it will always be on top of your mind, on top of your head, and it will always be known as....The White Hat. 


But don't take our word for it, come and visit us and try it out for yourself. We guarantee that you will love our product.... it's sooo good, or we'll eat our hats.


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