Tsoko Nut Batirol

It all started because of a heart longing for a comfort place where an average Pinoy can nourish one's body and soul. Tsoko.Nut Batirol is a native tsokolate and coffee shop truly for Filipinos. For years, it has been a place not only for those who want to unwind with mugs of native tsokolate and coffee, but also for those who want to relive memories of traditional food treats prepared with love by old folks. 


tsoko nut batirol

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Tsoko.Nut Batirol is known for its special Tsokolate Ah Batirol, Kape Barako, Iced Banana Batirol, Spaghetti Aligue, Suman sa Mangga, Suman sa Latik, Ensaymada with Quezo de Bola, Bibingka with Kesong Puti and Itlog na Pula and Tablea Cake. The place caters to enthusiasts of old-fashioned goodness with bits of something contemporary -- those who want to see, smell, taste and feel the flavors of traditional treats blended with homey and modern Pinoy ambience. 


Every visit translates to a "homecoming" -- a return to good ol' days of good blends, good eats and good recollection. Customers are assured of indulging in fresh, original brews and recipes as the company has its commissary located in the south of Metro Manila. Tsoko.Nut is about coming home -- to our roots and to our native tongue. It brings happy memories of our childhood, of home-cooked meals and baked goodies.


suman at mangga

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True enough, all these only proved that Tsoko.Nut Batirol is not an ordinary native tsokolate and coffee shop for every sip and bite captures the simple desires of the common Filipino.


Source: food.clickthecity.com

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