Toki Japanese Fusion & Fine Dining

TOKI is out to redefine A-1 Japanese cuisine and contemporary dining with its exceptional line-up of menus which boasts of an authentic Japanese taste. The Japanese word “TOKI” means “this moment”, connoting a zest for life, an appreciation of the now. This philosophy is what TOKI is all about. TOKI Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining restaurant seeks to bring the most authentic Japanese cuisine to the modern palates of its customers. 


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Using only the best and healthiest ingredients, TOKI aims to showcase a unique Japanese flavor that can cater to contemporary tastes. Apart from serving the best Japanese cuisine in town, TOKI also offers its array of authentic Japanese cuisines with an exciting twist: all its ingredients are Filipino! It is definitely one of a kind that is guaranteed to satisfy TOKI’s loyal patrons. TOKI is also open to sharing to interested parties the secret to its distinct and mouth-watering recipes. Even the restaurant itself is constructed based on classic Japanese architectural designs-professional Japanese, architect, carpenters and painters were flown in from Japan to provide authentic modern Japanese air and ambiance to the whole restaurant. At the helm of TOKI’s culinary expression in executive chef Shinsuke Yonekawa, the 2007 champion of the Master Chef of Japan Competition. He has been a chef in one the famous Hollywood cruise ships and served as Chef of Hyatt Hotel in Osaka, Japan for seven years before joining TOKI. TOKI Foodhaus, Inc. is a SEC registered company.



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