Svelte Wellness Center

Anyone who wants to rejuvenate and enhance his/her looks but is not ready for a cosmetic surgery? Try Svelte Wellness Center. The answer to a NEW YOU. A slimming haven located in Eastwood City, Svelte Wellness Center is upscale in its interior, yet it offers unbelievably affordable rates for its luxurious, effective and safe treatments and services.


From skin and body treatments, Svelte has carefully crafted programs for specific needs: its facials help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, retain fresh and younger-looking skin, and enhance beauty without prick and pain, and its slimming procedures are an alternative to patients seeking effective reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery, as well as those who want to lessen the appearance of cellulite and have tighter and smoother skin. Centimers loss in less in thirty minutes. A more contoured face in sixteen minutes. Non-invasive treatments. Painless and safe. Visible results. And affordable. Be gracefully slender. That's what SVELTE means.


*Introduction to LipoSculpt (any one body part) 
- value up to P10,000.00 
*Introduction to SvelteLipo (any one body part) 
- value up to P10,000.00 
*Free 3 MicroVisage (Diamond Peel) 
- equivalent to P7,500.00 
*Members' rate on all Face and Body Treatments 
*Birthday gift package: 1 facial treatment 
- equivalent to P1,000.00 
*Priority to avail seasonal promotions



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