Sonya's Garden Spa

At the core of Sonya’s advocacy on “the art of doing nothing,” which she encourages all to practice, is allowing the self to indulge in relaxing activities that ultimately becomes one’s vehicle for self-rediscovery. For Sonya’s visitors, the word SPA translates to Secret Pleasures At Sonya’s , a leisure facility intended for guests to spoil themselves with a little bit of pampering.


Many tired and harried city folks have long considered Sonya’s private sanctuary as their own refuge from the hubbub of life in Manila. Here, guests can choose from a variety of rejuvenating body treatments rendered by the courteous and well-trained staff while relaxing in an environment that stimulates the senses. An atmosphere of Zen-like comforts is ever-present, where simple pleasures such as watching water cascading down the window are created. Outside, an eyeful of nature’s bounty makes one feel almost immediately soothed. 


sonya's garden spa

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Services at the SPA are a fusion of European and Asian traditions merged with some modern techniques. The most popular of all is Sonya’s Signature Massage, which is a compendium of Sonya’s favorite massage strokes that maintains pressure and focus typical of Shiatsu while executing relaxing Swedish strokes that improves blood circulation combined with stretching movements of a Thai massage. Another favorite is the Four Hands Massage, a unique body treatment designed to double one’s pleasure with synchronized strokes. Guests will discover the experience to be a sensual quest that spoils the body , one that can also be shared with partner in the Couple’s Room.


The SPA also offers reflexology (Shiatsu for the foot and hands) and facial treatments, even a special session dedicated to aromatherapy, which by way of steam bath, calms the body with refreshing Lavender scents. For a complete head-to-toe indulgence, Sonya suggests the Wet Pampering Treatment, which starts with hair spa, followed by a facial and full body scrubs, then capped off with a foot spa. This is how Sonya regales her guests with secret pleasures that create avenues to be kind to oneself.


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