Pats Creek Bar

Pats Creek Bar is another highly popular hangout in the area that offers its customers a nice place to wine, dine, and listen to some great sounding music. Partying is always fun especially with this place around, giving tourists and travelers some really good reason to come back for more entertainment in the future. As the music plays, people can sit right at the sand, using beanbags and driftwood chairs that are positioned nicely on the beach ground.


Pats Creek Bar in Boracay offers a long list of super delicious food and drinks, all of which can satisfy the different partygoers in the land. For people who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, they can try any of the available cocktail varieties that can provide pleasurable drinking experience for everyone. Meanwhile, the place also serves beers for 70 pesos each, which are much better than most of the available drinks especially when served chilled. For non-alcoholic drinkers, there are many other options, particularly some sweet-tasting fruit shakes of various flavors including buko, mango, and watermelon.


In terms of ambiance, many people find Pats Creek Bar in Boracay very interesting and quite attractive, mainly because there are numerous things that they can do inside the place. For fun-loving customers, playing billiards is a really good thing to do. Add to that, adventurous people will definitely love getting some cool tattoos as well as some piercings. Right inside, those who brought with them their laptops and other handheld devices can surf the Internet for free. More importantly, the nice, sweet, and pulsating sound of the house music is guaranteed to provide topnotch entertainment for all. Its lineup of musical genres includes acoustic, chill-out, as well as reggae.



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