If you’re in the Philippines, and you want to enjoy nature while spending leisure time with family and friends, then the best destination is the Paradizoo Farm in Mendez, Cavite. The place is full of rich gardens and animals. Some of those animals are roaming free to your delight, others are behind their fences. A visit to Paradizoo, the theme park cum farm zoo, is always a feast to the senses.


The climate is cold, and nature appears at its untainted best—with both flora and fauna co-existing in harmony in this 11-hectare agri-tourism enclave. That’s not all. If you are an agriculture enthusiast, there are a million and one things to discover in Paradizoo. There are activities to interact with a llama, camels, miniature horses, ostriches, Greyhound and Labrador dogs. You can also ride a cart drawn by an Albino carabao.



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At Pet Me Home, guests may buy cute and cuddly animals such as rabbits, hamsters and lovebirds. See and buy Dorper sheep (black head, white head or Dalmatian color combinations), Boer, Kalahari and Saanen dairy goat, Russa spotted deer and turkey from Australia which are also available for sale.


Plant Me Home features potted herbs, strawberries, flowers and vegetable plants for purchase. Guests may also select and pick vegetables from the garden plots to take home.Paradizoo actively promotes healthy living. With the large space for vegetation, guests are informed and encouraged to practice organic farming.


Some of the sharing and learning that Paradizoo offers under the Agritech project is known as clean vegetable farming practices were seedling techniques, plant nutrition, cultural management, and irrigation and water management. Almost all of the animals in Paradizoo are for sale. Same goes for the vegetable harvest. Honeybees and honey-pineapple vinegars are also being merchandised.


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For adults, there are the Bromeliad and Orchid Pavilions which are close to each other, the Pavilions are events-oriented, as they can house up to 150 people for picnics and family outings, weddings and birthdays, school celebrations, team building seminars and practical anything that has to do with outdoor fun.


Nearby is a meditative area, so very Zen, with its central focus, the Infinity Pool of Positivism. Ducks splash in the water and with the breeze gently blowing, the quiet only broken by animal sounds and children laughing, it is an area conducive to meditation and contemplative and inspirational workshops.


Paradizoo is a gem of a destination – with an Apiary House where honey is cultured and sold, aQuail House and Hatchery for ostrich eggs and ring necked pheasants, a Pet Cemeterywhere Manila folks have began to bury their four legged loved ones, a Sunken Garden and a formal garden for those breathtaking photographs among the blooms, and papaya grove. There’s a Tent Park for P500 entrance fee that entitles one to rough it up with no electricity but with a nearby house with running water for toilet and bath.



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