Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure is a popular attraction in Subic featuring marine animals giving guests an entertaining and educational experience. This establishment is in Camayan Wharf in Subic Bay. From Olongapo city you can reach Ocean Adventure by making a right turn to Layac and proceeding to the monument of the Fall of Bataan. Then make a left turn on the TIPO expressway so you can go inside the SBMA then proceed to the expressway and make a right turn to the Rizal Street then go straight and make a left turn on the Argonaut Highway. From the Argonaut Highway you will pass by the airport after this make a left turn at the Triboa Bay and proceed to the Naval Magazine gate where you can see signs pointing to the direction of Ocean Adventure which will be just five kilometers away.


ocean adventure

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here are many activities you can do in Ocean Adventure and some of the more popular are the following:


1. El Capitan stadium - This is a stadium where guests can view a whale presentation and a dolphin show. El Capitan is named after the famous shipwreck El Capitan. The stadium can accommodate seven hundred guests. Guests can also avail of a close encounter or interaction with the dolphins for an additional fee.

2. Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show - This show can be viewed in the Nautilus Theater inside Ocean Adventure. Guests can meet sea lions from South America. The sea lions present a wonderful and fun-filled show ideal for everyone. The show tells guests about how to become a member of the Sea lion patrol team and how to conserve Mother Nature.

3. Sea Lion Training Center - In this center you can see how the sea lions work, play and live. Guests can also learn how they are trained by watching one of the training sessions and marvel at some of the sea lions that can paint on a canvas.


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Teaser photo source: www.travelphilippinesnow.com