Nana Meng Tsokolate

Nana Meng Tsokolate is sold in jars as a creamy chocolate paste instead of the traditional round tableya. While one can buy the chocolate to be whipped into tsokolate eh at home, Nana Meng's drinks can be sampled right at the stall premises. It's cooked in a saucepan, then stirred with a batirol and poured into a miniature paper cup (or a taza, if you prefer). The tsokolate'ssurface glistens with tiny molecules of oil which indicates how rich this tsokolate is. It's as traditional as you can get because the cocoa recipe is from a revered grandmother from Sta. Maria, Bulacan.


nana mengs tsokolate

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The chocolate of Nana Meng has balanced bitter and sweet notes. Very finely ground peanuts lend more texture and thickness to the drink (you can detect a hint of "grit" as you drink it). I love how the thickness is just right--it's the kind of chocolate I'd sip on a rainy day while curled up with a good book.



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