Mister Kebab

Mr. Kabab sprung out from the desire of two Iranian students to serve delicious Persian dishes way back in 1987. Now being successfully established and admired by countless foodies, Mister Kabab continues to uphold is legendary reign in the local pool of restaurants offering the best of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. What’s most loved about its menu items is that everything is heftily served and conservatively priced!


mister kebab

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Popular menu picks in Mister Kabab are its special Chelo Kabab which is best consumed after slathering the meat with garlic sauce, its Keema or ground beef mixed with various Persian spices, the Ox Brain which never fails to get people hooked to its unusual yet delicious taste, pita breads and even a wide variety of vegetarian food. This restaurant doesn’t serve pork and alcoholic beverages as they have high respect to the Moslem tradition.


Source: www.citydelivery.ph

Teaser photo source: www.lakas.com.ph