Manila Golf Club

Considered to be the most outstanding and most exclusive golf club in Metro Manila, the Manila Golf Club is shorter compared with other championship golf courses. It possess a lot of features that are appropriate for any kind of golf tournament. Gifted with a beautiful land and outstanding greens placed in the grass made out of Japonica, it is further enhance with numerous trees planted on both sides of the golf course. The Manila Golf Club hosted top class golf tournaments like the United States Ladies Professional Golf Association that features the American Golf Womens pro circuit and Wonderful World of Golf by Shell.


manila golf club

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It is widely believed that Golf have been introduced in the Philippine capital in 1886 by the British people working under the Manila Railway Company. The British employees constructed a three-hole course in the rice fields south of Intramuros, Manila and by 1901, there was a nine hole golf course built next to the Manila Railway Company. This was the birth of the Manila Golf Club. The Philippine Open, which is considered to be one of the oldest golf tournaments in the World and the oldest golf tournament in Asia began in the Manila Golf Club.


The golf course offers a state-of-the art club with different amenities, a practice area, a golf professional shop, tee locations that can be found on the golf courses and others. Guests in the Manila Golf Club must be with a member inside the clubhouse. The Green fees vary depending on the day: On Weekdays-one thousand pesos; Holidays and Weekends-two thousand pesos; Caddys fees-250 pesos and Golf club rentals-300 pesos.



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