La Preciosa

The 1950's proved to be an era where small businesses started to open and thrive in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Such prompted SEVERA ABLAN VENTURA to open MODERN KITCHENETTE which was then located at Laoag City. The kitchenette offered Ilocano cuisine and catered to the many Ilocanos who wanted to eat regular home cooked food prepared with a twist. Severa's knowledge for practical cooking was passed on to her daughter PRECIOSA ABLAN VENTURA PALMA. As a young wife and mother, Preciosa was tasked to manage and operate PEPPERMINT KITCHENETTE which was established in the late 70's.



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From a small kitchenette, Peppermint evolved into PEPPERMINT RESTAURANT which became the first and only fine - dining restaurant in the North. The restaurant started to offer carefully selected Ilocano, Filipino and Spanish cuisine that appealed to the discriminating tastes of the Ilocano people. Aside from running and operating a fine - dining restaurant, Preciosa also incorporated a catering service which also proved her knack for entrepreneurship.



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Today, what started as a kitchenette has become very successful restaurant and catering service. The tradition of wise entrepreneurship and practical cooking has again been passed on Preciosa's daughter PAMELA. Together with her husband FREDERICK. Pamela has continued the legacy of both Severa and Preciosa by establishing LA PRECIOSA FINE DINING RESTAURANT and CATERING SERVICES in honor of her mother. From its small and cozy location, Frederick and Pamela opened its new location located in Rizal, Street, Laoag City. Continuing Preciosa Palma's good will, good food and good service, La Preciosa is truly a dining pleasure worth experiencing.


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