Kopi Roti

Kopi Roti as the name suggests, is an exciting new concept in the art of enjoying coffee blended to perfection. 


The Kopi Roti concept began in Singapore many years ago when Kopi Tiams - the Malay word for coffee shop - started catering to a very demanding clientele, locals who knew how coffee should be blended the Asian way and who demanded nothing but the best at a reasonable cost. 


kopi roti

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As with any good cup of coffee, also comes a tasty morsel, and so each Kopi Roti cup of coffee is offered with a selection of appetizers that are also varied and delightful – each with its own distinctive Asian flavor. 


Kopi Roti's value proposition to its clients is fantastic taste, shared memories, and a unique dining experience – all at a reasonable cost.


Source: food.clickthecity.com

Teaser photo source: abuggedlife.com