Happy Cream Puff

The Happy Cream Puff story began when the family of Mr. and Mrs. Yamagishi went to Japan for a vacation. Mrs. Yamagishi was first introduced to this pastry with such a unique, fresh and subtle taste upon visiting various food establishments in the different cities of Japan. After then, she decided to get into baking and introduced this “puff wonder” to their own restaurant as a flavorsome dessert. 


Happy Cream Puff

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The first Happy Cream Puff experience was first shared officially at Alabang Metropolis Mall and few months later was transferred to SM South Mall to accommodate its increasing demand for space. Now business has been good for the family, and in order to bring their business to a higher level, they have decided to look for a more recognized space at the heart of the business district and considered “The Zone” which is strategically situated in Bel Air, Makati. Since then eating cream puff has never been the same again and because of the exceptional demand and acceptance from the people it soon paved the way to opening it’s another branch now at “Rada Regency” located in Legazpi Village, Makati.


Happy Cream Puff Stall

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 Happy Cream Puff trademark product is made up of a choux pastry shell filled with custard cream or whipped cream and piped in only as you order, adhering to their motto of “Always Pippin Fresh” which is the very groundwork of this simple yet sophisticated pastry shop. So if you are eating with your friends or family and want to impress them with a new kind of dessert which is not too much on sweets. This is the perfect place for you. Certainly will not only tempt your eyes but will also satisfy your palate without the guilt.


Source: www.happycreampuff.com

Teaser photo source: www.happycreampuff.com