Go Nuts Donuts

Go Nuts Donuts opened for business on December 11, 2003 with its first flagship theatre store at the Bonifacio Global City in Manila, and the brand has been a resounding success from the very start. The unusual consumer reception and long queues have not been seen in Manila since the opening of McDonald's and Starbucks in the Philippines. 


go nuts donuts

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Hailed by the local media and consumers as one of the best "newcomers" in the Philippine food scene, Go Nuts Donuts generated spontaneous word-of-mouth hysteria and was covered by local and regional media alike . Consumer demand was so overwhelming that company had to initially ration the number of donuts sold to consumers in order to serve as many customers as possible. Customer queues reached waiting periods of 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis and the company even had to fight off enterprising "black marketers" who were reselling the doughnuts for up to 3 times its retail price.


Source: food.clickthecity.com

Teaser photo source: www.gonutsdonuts.com