Giligan's Island Bar and Restaurant

Situated at one of the famous malls in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar is one of the food establishments that are visited by people who like Filipino dishes. Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar is so popular that it has branches in the other cities of Metro Manila. However, its branch in Makati is the most visited since it is located in the city where many people want to enjoy their nightlife.


As mentioned, Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar excels in serving Filipino dishes like pork and chicken sisig, calamares, lechon kawali, sinigang na baboy and nilagang baboy. All of the dishes served at this restaurant are affordable since their prices range from 100 to 300 pesos per serving. In addition, there is no service charge in the restaurant so people who dine at this place can save a lot.



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The restaurant has three floors and is very spacious. There are smoking and non-smoking areas at Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar in Makati, Metro Manila, which is helpful for those who are allergic to the smell of cigarettes. The facilities of the restaurant like their comfort rooms are always clean so their customers will not experience problems while enjoying at the place.


There are nights in the week wherein there are live bands that perform at Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar. The presence of these bands makes dining and drinking at the restaurant more exciting and enjoyable. Because Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar in Makati City, Metro Manila, is very popular, it hosts several entertainment events that feature Filipino singers, actresses and actors. These events add attractions to the loyal customers of the restaurant.



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