Chocolate Hills

The world renowned Chocolate Hills in Bohol is truly one of nature’s most magnificent wonders. This is the reason why this tourist spot has been a favorite among locals and foreigners through the years. The chocolate hills can be found precisely right at three different municipalities as these little hills are spread generously within these areas. You can find thechocolate hills situated within the municipalities of Batuan, Carmen, and Sagbayan right in Bohol. Getting to the chocolate hills is usually easy especially of you have availed of a tourist packagein Bohol. But if you want to experience going there on your own doing, you will have to start right at Tagbilaran and take a bus from Dao going to Carmen. As you ride the bus, make it a point to tell the driver before hand that you must be dropped off within the complex of the Chocolate Hills.


Once you are there, you will surely marvel at the sight before you. It’s actually quite tempting to cross the borders and take pictures or try climbing each of the chocolate hills but that’s not quite possible. Depending on the season, you will notice that the hills will be either green or brown or even a combination of both. Actually, the name of this tourist spot was due to the color it takes during summer or the dry season. The hills get that perfect chocolate color making them look like a bunch of chocolate products from a well known brand. But during the rainy days, the chocolate hills are usually colored in bright green from the entire plantation given life by the rains.


chocolate hills

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There are lots of different explanations behind the occurrence of the Chocolate hills. Some go as far as saying that they are actually a work of alien life forms which were eventually left behind. Folks from Bohol also have their own range of legends and myths which supernaturally explain the emergence of the chocolate hills. However, there were also scientific explanations saying that the chocolate hills were formed out of volcanic eruptions way back before. In total, some people declare that the hills are number at approximately around 1268. All of them come in almost perfectly uniform sizes which is also why some people tend to think that they are actually man-made when in fact they are not.


Apart from picture taking, you can also use the viewing telescopes right at the view deck for thechocolate hills. You can also choose to stay right at the venue for an overnight’s worth. Actually, some of the facilities which were found on the hills are situated right on top of two of its highest hills so it can provide guests with a better full view of the entire tourist destination. Costs are usually pocket friendly and paid on a per facility used basis should you decide to stay longer.



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