Charls Bar

Charls Bar is indeed one of the finest nightspots in the place. Because this place is open for everyone, it is very easy to notice the wild, fun, and exciting party scene that exudes from such little venue. For the convenience of its customers, they can right at the sand in front of the bar as they drink, listen, and dance to the heart-pounding beats from its state-of-the-art speakers and audio equipment.


In terms of specialties, Charls Bar in Boracay is never left behind as it offers a wide array of special drinks and tasty treats. Some of its special alcoholic beverages include pinacolada, which only costs 150 pesos. Meanwhile, a bottle of San Miguel Beer has a very affordable price of 50 pesos. Of course, a fine bar like this place is not complete without offering other special alcoholic drinks like margaritas, rums, and cocktails. For only 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos, customers can already have the time of their lives as they party the nights away at this premier nightspot.


Wearing their most comfortable clothing or even their skimpy swimsuits as well as other kinds of swimwear, Charls Bar in Boracay can satisfy not only the desire of customers for superior quality food and drinks, but also their diverse music interests. Country music, rock and roll, and folk songs are regularly played live in this premier location, depending on the special theme for the night. For the utmost entertainment and enjoyment of its customers, live bands and various talented singers are scheduled to sing almost each day of the week.


People can drop by and party the night away at Charls Bar in Boracay, which is within Boat Station 2, which is a premier nightspot in town. For more exciting deals, be sure to catch the schedule of its Happy Hour, which runs from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Within this timeframe, guests can receive a free single drink for every drink they purchase.



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