Cavemen & Yeti

Forget the coarse ice crystals from your Snow Cone days, Cavemen & Yeti’s shaved ice desserts have fine, fluffy, feather-like shaved ice that melts easily in the mouth and is drizzled with fruit-flavored sauces. Take your pick from the sweet sauces on the menu: chocolate, strawberry, mango, banana or corn syrup and ask for more if like more flavor on your shaved ice. Owner Dazzle Ng says, “We’re generous with the sauces.”


caveman and yeti

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The menu also lists Cavemen & Yeti creations (P68, 125 grams; P98, 200 grams), which combine flavored shaved ice with toppings. Choose from fun combos like Choco nilla, Banana choco, Strawberry Heart, Mais con Yeti,  Ube Mungster, and more. You can also DIY your own Caveman & Yeti cup: fill your own cup with shaved ice from their ice machine and pile on as many fruit, sauces and toppings according to your whim: they have mallows, cornflakes, graham, coconut, red beans, cheese, brownies, and more (toppings start at P10 each).



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Another treat with less sugar that’s easy to keep munching on: Caveman & Yeti’s sesame mochi buns (P28 per piece) are freshly-cooked bite-size buns with warm, chewy bread inside. 


Caveman and Yeti offers a unique dessert concept with their finely shaven ice and fruit-flavored sauces. They also have a wide range of toppings available.