Casa Feliz

Casa Feliz is not just a mere concept of unique cakes but good food, nice atmoshphere and excellent service. Imagine you are just athome… having freshly baked cakes, “lutong bahay” and suiting place like you are in province… you will experience it all here in Casa Feliz only.


We are known for its unique Vida Verde tea. This is made up of refreshing green tea with crispy pistachio wafer topped with fresh or seasonal fruits. We are not providing you only cakes but a special cake that offers a valuable anti-oxidant.


Rare and unique cakes like Pastel de Uva, Rosa Pavlova and Sano Carrot Cake are all freshly baked here in Casa Feliz cakes and pastries. Where else can you find a grapes’ cake, meringue with fresh fruits on top and a favorite carrot cake that never goes out of style, with grated carrot mixed? It is a sure healthy dessert that you can have in Casa Feliz.


vida verde cake

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All in one is in Casa Feliz. Our usual moist chocolate in an old-fashioned chocolate cake filled with caramel and topped with rich Chocolate Ganache. Incorporating philippine products that we are known for like mango and banana is where Mango Mia and Banana Crema Pie are made in Casa Feliz Cakes & Pastries.



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