Cafe Breton

Café Breton has the greatest selection of crêpes in the metro—from simple, sugar-sprinkled crepes to elaborate, flambé varieties. You can even customise your own and select from choice fruits, preserves or spreads and syrup to top it off. A dessert crêpe favourite is La Pinay; other must-tries are the tropical fruit-filled islander and cherries jubilee flambée for those with more adventurous taste buds. A hot cup of café au lait or an iced café liegeois will perfectly complement these.


cafe breton

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Also satisfy savoury cravings with Poseidon, a crêpe of smoked salmon, capers and dill sauce; galette Brettone with spinach, shrimps and crabmeat; or galette Paysanne with Hungarian sausage, asparagus and cheese sauce. One could also venture away from crêpes with the meaty goodness of Breton’s mozzarella burger. The café offers a good selection of wines, along with common restaurant scotch and tonic cocktails and a vodka calamansi slush.



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