Bubbles Bar

Bubbles Bar is one of the bars that many people trek to have a good time once the sun sets in Boracay. Bubbles bar is a place where the atmosphere is extremely laid back. It has no specific dress code save to "come as you are". The bar is extremely popular with divers for the bar is very close to boat station 3 where many divers meet and depart from. The place is a favorite to manyEnglish, Australian, and German expats. Most of the time one can find groups of them clustered here having a grand time.


The ambiance in the bar includes hip hop music to a reggae beat. Most of the time, the customerscan choose what they want to hear. The bar is usually packed from 6pm onwards and close at 6am. The bar is near most resorts that in case one gets a bit too much to drink, one can just find their way home.


The prices of the drink vary but beer normally gets sold at $1 onwards. Happy hour is always present at the early opening hours and last for about 2 hours onward. Prices are slashed in half and at some occasions, there may be a free side dish of peanuts or fried calamares to go with it.


The food served in Bubbles Bar is typical of the other bars except that the type of food is mixed from Asian cuisine to British tastes. Bangers and mash a popular English food dish, is served as well with some grilling variations. One can expect to get a definite English taste and there are also variations of sausages as well as a wide variety of sandwiches aside from the staple fish and chips meal.


Source: www.boracayboard.com