Baguio City is nested in the province of Benguet and is located 150 miles away from Manila. Aptly dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City attributes its cold climate to its high elevation. The average temperature within the city is 15 to 23 degrees Celsius.
In the 1900s, the Amercian Governer, Luke E. Wright appointed Architect Daniel H. Burnham to construct a health resort for American soldiers. The Burnham Plan was the driving force behind the city’s development. Today, Baguio City is known not only for its cultural and historical significance but also because of its lush landscapes and colorful scenery.


Tam-awan Village
 – Located at the northern side of the province, the Tam-awan Village was created by the Chanum Foundation in 1998. It recreates the native Ifugao villages with its nipa huts which guests can rent if they want to stay the night. They also showcase exhibits by local artists such as National Artist, Ben Cabrera (BenCab) as well as other home-based local artists like John Frank Sabado and Ged Alangui
Lion’s Head – A rock shaped carved to shape like ferocious lion, the Lion's Head welcomes tourists who are riding along Kennon Road. Local and foreign tourists can take pictures at base of the Lion's Head. Along the road are small souvenir shops and stalls where you can get items to bring home.
Mines View Park – As one of the iconic tourist spot in Baguio City, Mines View Park offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Benguet's gold and copper mines and the lush fauna that grows around the area. For a better view, you can rent binoculars for a very cheap price. Souvenir items can also be bought along the entrance of the park. From jewelry, native handicrafts, woven sweaters and blankets, there is surely something for you.
Burnham Park – If you're in a mood for some outdoor activities, then this is the right place from you. At Burham Park, you can leisurely stroll around the wide park area, rent a boat and row around the manmade lake in the center of the park, or have a quite picnic with your family or friends. There are also bikes for rent as well as tennis courts and basketball courts. Concerts, parties, and festivals are also held in the area.
Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral – Also known as the Baguio Cathedral, this exceptional church sits atop Mount Mary Hill and is considered as one of the most photographed infrastructures in the city. Being biggest Catholic Church in Baguio, it is frequently visited by tourists and devotees alike and is the center of attraction during the Holy Week season. Masses are held in English, Filipino, or Ilocano.
Camp John Hay – This 690-hectare property was once a recreational facility for American soldiers. Today, it has been transformed into a resort open to the public. The place boasts of their 18-hole golf course, convention center, amphitheater, restaurants, and more. There is also a hiking trail where you can enjoy the fresh air and the pine trees that Baguio is known for.

Other places you can go to are: Philippine Military Academy, Mansion House, Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, Lourdes Grotto, Session Road, Baguio City Market, Teacher's Camp, and Botanical Gardens.

By Bus
Daily trips in air conditioned buses are being offered by Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus Lines, and Philippines Rabbit. One way tickets cost about 350-450 pesos. And the travel time from Manila is around 6-7 hours.
Victory Liner offers a De Luxe Service where travel time is shortened to 5 hours but the price is steeper at 700 pesos for their one way trip.
By Private Car
Most families and a large group of people prefer bringing their own cars when going up to Baguio. From Manila you can take the SCTEX for a faster route. Some tourists prefer night travel because of the less vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

There are numerous forms of transportation in the city such as jeepneys and taxis.

For a safer and more enjoyable stay in Baguio, we advise you to take the necessary precautions:
1. Plan your trip ahead and secure your lodging accommodations, whether you’re renting a house or checking in a hotel. Be sure that you have made reservations to ensure that you will have a place to stay when you get to the city.
2. If you are riding in a private vehicle, make sure to refuel your car and check your car’s brakes and overall performance.
3. If you are riding a public bus, make sure that you secure your return ticket upon your arrival to avoid the hassle of not being able to leave on time.
4. Bring extra cash for emergency.


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