Bacolod, called "The City of Smiles", is the capital and the largest city of Negros Occidental. Bacolod is the only city that has won the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Home of the world-renowned "MasKara Festival" and "Pana-ad Sa Negros Festival". Bacolod is rich in cultural and architectural heritage. It has many marvelous landmarks that was constructed in the time of Spanish regime but until now it is still standing.



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Bacolod is also the home of the Panaad Park and Stadium. The Stadium has a seating capacity of 15,500 but can hold up to 20,000 people with standing areas. The stadium is equipped with an olympic size swimming pool and a rubberized oval field.

Bacolod is the entrance to the sugar-rich cities, towns of the province because the seaport and airport can be found here. Bacolod can be reached by boat and by plane. It is only 50 minutes away from Manila and 25 minutes from Cebu by plane.

Bacolod is highly urbanized city with a superb road that is wide. Traffic is not a problem in Bacolod. There are luxurious hotels and resorts in Bacolod where you can spend your holidays.

Bacolod has many landmarks and attractions to boast from. Scenic views around the city that are so enchanting, from old mansions to churches and cathedrals, monasteries, parks and buildings built centuries ago.


Where To Go:

Carmelite Monastery: The Monastery gave visitors a glimpse of a very distinct life lived by nuns.

Provincial Capitol: Named as one of the most beautiful and marvelous capitol building structure in the country.



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San Sebastian Cathedral: One of the most important landmark in Bacolod City. A masterpiece of baroque architecture and has an attractive and very stunning decoration.

Familia Luzuriaga Cemetery: This is the only cemetery in the world that is found in the middle of the highway. It holds the Guinness World of Records Holder of the said Category.

The Ruins Mansion: An old mansion owned by the Lacson clan. Although one the skeleton of the mansion can be found the neo Romanesque columns is still apparent which makes it well-visited site among tourists. 


the ruins

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Lizares-Rodriguez Mansion: the ancestral home of Lizares-Rodriguez Clan.

Sacred Heart Church and Seminary: A beautiful piece of architecture and the interior of the church is beautifully decorated.


How To Go There:

Most major airlines in the Philippines offer daily trips to Bacolod City. If you are coming from Clark or Manila, the trip would take abuot 45 minutes to an hour but if you are coming from Cebu, the trip would be around 30 minutes. 

You can also opt to ride a ferry or roro if you prefer traveling by sea. It would take 18 hours to travel from Manila to Bacolod.