Adarna Food and Culture

Adarna Food and Culture is a restaurant that celebrates Filipino culinary heritage by serving historical, regional and heirloom recipes in a warm, elegant and homey setting. 


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Adarna serves a selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks. Try Sulu Piassok, Pancit 1913, Menestra Favorito, Bicol Express, Sigarillas Salad, Pancit Musiko, Batanes Yellow Rice, Adobong Batangas and grilled meats with Salsa Monja among other gastronomic finds. 


The restaurant commonly uses organic ingredients. It uses no MSG, artificial flavors, seasonings and preservatives. All ingredients that can be sourced locally and from their points of origin are used. 


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Traditional cooking methods are applied in a modern kitchen that observes strict sanitary standards to ensure that the food served is safe and clean. It offers vegan options for many of its recipes and can accommodate requests for special dietary needs with prior arrangements. 


Adarna regularly offers new dishes on its menu to celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of the country for its guests to discover and enjoy. Adarna is perfect for your private and corporate functions of up to 200 guests.



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